The Final Test

Have you ever had to do a test in school, or university? I know many people try to study hard for it and work at doing their best. The will cram the notes into their head for the test, even if they forgot what they studied afterwards, as long as I can pass the test.

When it comes to life we have many test and trials that we go through, however in the end, there is only one test that we need to be ready to pass. That one test is the final test, which will get us into heaven.

Have you ever thought about that test? I would be the most important test for your entire life, you should consider. However, many people figure that this will be the hardest test too, did I do enough, have I paid the price to make it into heaven. Or did I do too many bad things which will close that door way for me.

If you know they answer this is one of the easiest tests to pass. The only question you must answer is “did you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord.” If you did, then you pass the entrance exam. It is that easy.

Maybe you should review if you have agreed to this, and if not consider changing your answer, Jesus is waiting to hear from you today.

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