Knowing who to join.

As I was studying about the church history one of the things that stood out to me in my reading was how Jesus began his ministry, not with the Pharisee, or with the Sadducees but Jesus chose to begin by joining a new movement in the Judean wilderness led by a prophet named John. The one thing that stood out to me about this was how it was John the Baptist who Jesus began his ministry with.

I mean think about it, we often try to represent John as Jesus’ cousin. We also remember him to be the man in the wilderness, dress in Camel hair and eating locusts. But image that, Jesus, the Son of God, started his role on this earth by joining a new movement lead by the prophet John. And who was this John but a common folk, who if we saw today, would have been one of the people on the streets dressed in rags and shouting out weird ideas.

Isn’t that what Jesus was trying to depict though. It was not for the kings and queens on this earth he came. It was not even for the wise or the rich. He came for the common everyday folk that we see on the street. He came to join us in our lowest state and help raise us to be a new creature in Christ. Now that is special the thought that the Son of God would follow someone like this means he also wants to be friends with me.

Never forget that.

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