First things first

“But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”  Luke 12:31

Interesting the way Jesus put this.  If you even look into the context he was stating before this verse that people are always seeking for the things they need to live, the clothing they wear, and the food they eat.  However Jesus said to Seek first God’s Kingdom.  Do we know what that truly means to “Seek God’s kingdom first”?

It starts with having that one on one time with him. If you are to do good at your work, you need to know what your boss wants you to do.  If you are going to be good in school you need to know what the teacher is expecting of you.  And if you want to be  a part of God’s kingdom you need to know what he is wanting of you.  And this can only be done through a daily time spent with him.

A daily time in prayer, in reading the bible, and in meditation with God.

Do you spend time with God?  He is waiting for you to do that.   And if you do then you might find that he has lot’s in his kingdom for you.  Lot’s that your heart desires, rather you were expecting it or not.  And then he states, “and these thing will be give to you as well.”  God knows you needs, that and above.  Spend time with him, trust him, and all these other things will work themselves out.


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