Coming Around To Reality

In today’s world we often find ourselves so mixed up with what is real and what is fantasy.  Over the past century we have seen stories come alive from being in the books, to being alive in front of our eyes on the big screen and television.  We have also been involved in the stories themselves in the video games that we play.  So often we find ourselves so mixed up with the fantasy world in our stories that we fail to focus on the reality in our lives.

But that brings on another questions. If we were to be focused on the true reality would we be focused on only the things around us.  The people and places that are in our lives.  So often we also find that we are so focused on that and we fail to see the real reality in our midst, the spiritual reality that is occurring in our lives. God wants to be a part of that. We know that he paid the big price to allow us to be a part of him. That is why he is waiting for you to look to him. To focus on who he meant us to be, a child of light, a spiritual conqueror, and warrior for Christ.  We need to set our eyes on higher places, on the real reality that is around us.  We need to focus on God himself. Then everything else will fall into place.

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  1. Tim Neufeld says:

    So true. My mind goes to the prophet praying that his scared attendant will have his eyes opened to see the real situation; and to C.S. Lewis picture of this world as the wispy one…

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