Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Each morning is a new dawn, and with each and every new day we see the touch of the Father’s hand in our world. He is always there, helping, leading.  He is always there in our joys and in our pain.  From the beginning of the day to the setting of sun he is always by our side walking us through the day.  We may not notice him standing there, watching, but he is.  And if we only ask for his help we can find that he will give it to us.

He gives us his help by sending that small message of joy, through the birds, in the sky, with the setting sun.

And when the sun has set, and evening gives way to night, he is still there by our side, in the midst of the darkness, protecting us from anything that may be harmful. And holding our hand to say, trust me, I am always by your side, for all of eternity.

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