Let Your Glory Fall In This place

The awesome Glory of God. To be in his presences is a wonderful thing. I remember one time discussing this with my friend. We were talking about the soverign glory of God that comes down on the people at some of the meetings around our community. It was during that time that he made an interesting reference to my son and his diabetes.

We were discussing how people will going shopping from service to service seeking this almighty presence of God. Now don’t take me wrong, these meetings are important, however he made mention of my son and his diabetes. When his blood sugars are too high for a long period of time, he begins to think this is normal. And then when he finally gets to that point where his blood sugars are normal, he things this is wired, something is abnormal, but it is only proper. We have been to out of touch with what normal is that we begin to think it is something special, but not what we are to be like every day.

It is the same with the spiritual flow. Are we not to be in the presence of God day by day. Listening to him step by step each day of our life. Then we come in to the almighty presence of God at these meetings, it is nothing new to us. This is normal.

Let your Glory Fall In This place should be something we are asking God to do each morning when we wake up. And each evening as we go to be, asking for his presence to be there to give us rest for the next day. It is to be a day by day normal and through this he can then do mighty things.

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