Marvelous Master Piece

It is amazing to see God is all of his wondrous creation.  The rain falling and the birds chirping are all part of his creation. There can be many marvelous wonders all around us if we look for them that show us the Glory of is God.
While I think about the Glory of God I cannot help but remember the song Glorious.  In there the one line states how “He makes everything glorious, and I am his, so what does that make me.”  I know as I look at my own life it is awesome the way God can develop a person over time. We are his work made by his hands.  We marvel the glory of God by the lives that we live.  And he loves each of us so much that he sent his son to die for us. That is what we just celebrated.  And why would he not love us that much.  We are his creation, made by him.  I know anything I design and make I admire and love knowing it was me who was able to do that.  Imagine what God must be thinking looking down at you and saying “Yes it was me who made that. I am proud of what I have done.”
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