Who is the Real Fool

April fool’s day is here and I cannot help but wonder what pranks will be done on us today. While I was thinking about this I also remembered hearing a sermon spoken once on the greatest prank ever pulled, Satan thinking that Jesus was dead. With Easter time coming up we all remember the story about Christ dying on the cross for our sins. It was one of the greatest pranks pulled in history. Everyone thought that Jesus had died and it was over, but three day later there was an empty tomb, for he had risen again.

That also made me wonder though how ever since that day our Nemesis, Satan, has still be pulling some of the greatest pranks on each of us. He keeps trying to convince us that we are sinners and worth nothing. We must make ourselves out to be low life because of the wrongs we have committed. However this was not what God meant for our lives.  When Jesus pulled this greatest prank in history he also opened the door for us to be his brothers, the Sons of God, the bride of Christ, and we are more important than many realize. One day we will sit at his side and rule with him forever and ever. We have an important role in the kingdom of God. Let us not forget who we are and realize that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). Never forget who you are and remember that God has important things planned just for you.

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